Following the Rules (The Script Club #1) by Lane Hayes | Book Review

Following the Rules (The Script Club #1) by Lane Hayes
published 07 May 2021


My friend’s brother needs an academic assistant and I need a job. Problem…jocks are my weakness. Seriously. I lose my ability to speak coherently around muscle-bound hotties. Oh yeah, I lose my inhibitions too—not a good look for a guy with a genius IQ. So what am I going to do about Simon?


Finishing college isn’t high on my list of priorities, but my future in professional football is looking bleak. I need a plan B or C, and I could use some help navigating life as an undergrad. Topher is perfect. He’s also a little strange…but in a good way. And I like the way I feel when I’m around him—as though anything is possible. Maybe if we follow our hearts, we’ll find what we’re looking for. But that means changing the rules…

How was it?

I picked up this book not knowing what I was in for because I trusted the author. If I had known it was a bisexual awakening story this might have ended up further down my reading list. On the face of it, this book does not sound that exciting. But it’s a quick and steamy story about a straight jock, who was previously jerked and or sucked by men but is now discovering his Bisexuality because he’s kissed a man and liked it. It’s almost eye-roll-worthy when it’s broken down like that but it works.

Story-wise it’s brilliant since it showcases, without criticism, how a lot of straight identified men with similar experiences with other men are. But not a lot of them are as kind and self-assured as Simon. It lightens the plot by avoiding some of the denial subplots that one might expect in a Bisexual awakening story, and it makes Simon’s exploration of his newish attraction believable. As for Topher, he’s not just a hole, he’s hella quirky but in a fun way. So the two make an entertaining pair that was great to follow even if I wasn’t in the mood for a book like this when I started it.

The Script Club 1: Following the Rules is extremely sweet, fluffy, and steamy. A nice and easy read with a good vibe.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
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