The Professor’s Date (The Script Club #5) by Lane Hayes | Book Review

The professor, the hair stylist, and a wedding date…


Help! My sister is getting married and according to her, I need a date. And a makeover. I’m a busy man, though. I don’t have time to meet eligible bachelors, and the tape holding my glasses together works just fine. Until my hair stylist steps on them.

Yes, Noah, my dazzling dreamboat of a hair guru created a mini disaster, but I don’t mind at all. He’s a sweet, funny, kind jock who—

Screech! No jocks. I have nothing in common with sporty people.

Except…Noah is different.


I don’t date. However, I’m not opposed to offering fashion advice to a sexy professor in need. A haircut, a quick shopping expedition…

Boom! Mission accomplished.

Not so fast. I’ve misjudged the situation and my attraction to the geek with the tragic sense of style. Sure, Thomas is too smart for me by a long shot, but there’s something about him that makes it easy to forget my past. It might be his quietly commanding nature or his movie-star good looks. Or maybe it’s just him.

All I know is that I’m very tempted to be the professor’s date.

The Professor’s Date is an MM geek/jock romance featuring a nerdy professor, a soccer-playing hair stylist, and a quest for the perfect date!

How was it?

I’ve been keeping up with The Script Club books and they’ve all had a different flavor to them despite all dealing with the romantic woes of the “nerdy science guys.”

This novel follows Tommy, the nerdy one, who unlike most of the others, immediately had a quiet confidence about him that I liked. He had some teeth to him even if he was reluctant to use them. As for Noah, the love interest, I appreciated that he wasn’t oblivious or in some sort of denial about his sexuality, like Simon in Following the Rules, or Aiden in Rules of Play, or even closeted Blake in The Jock Script. I liked these guys – Aiden and Simon in particular – but when Sam came along in The Holiday list I rejoyced because the series badly needed a Bi man who had his sh!t together when it came to his sexual orientation.

Noah has a different story than the other non-nerdy love interests but his backstory is closer than what we’d expect in the real world, far more grounded than the others were. I won’t mention it since it’s not eluded to in the blurb, but it’s that precise backstory that made this book a bit lacking for me. I understand the author’s desire to focus on the positive side of things and his relationship with Tommy, but I wished the story gave more room to Noah’s growth after he shared his story with the world. I felt it was an important aspect of the story. And I wouldn’t have minded seeing some people get what’s coming to them.

All of that Noah mess aside, I really enjoyed this adorable couple. Tommy is in my top two favorite nerd in The Script Club, his clumsiness and bluntness was adorable.

The audiobook is narrated by Alexander Cendese who is excellent.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The Professor’s Date is available on The Book Depository and other book retailers near you.

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