Naomi | B!!!tch I Tried

Ava DuVernay (Creator)

Kaci Walfall
Mary-Charles Jones
Daniel Puig
Will Meyers
Camila Moreno
Cranston Johnson
Alexander Wraith
Aidan Gemme
Mouzam Makkar
Barry Watson

Review: I really want to like this show, I do, but it’s not looking like this will make the cut – unless it’s a very low commitment, number of episode-wise. I’m talking mini-series because even a tight twelve episode might be too much if they stay the course.

The show seems very painted by numbers and little of it seems real, there’s a fake sheen to it that I’m getting tired of. I’m not talking about the diversity in the cast or railing at how woke this show is trying to be but the interactions between the characters are so weird that the whole time I was waiting for some kind of twist that they are pod-people or robots. Everything from the storylines and the dialogs to the whole set-up seems so fake and out of touch. I don’t even blame the actors for this because they seem like good serviceable actors that are poorly used. Naomi, as it is, might have worked 10 years ago maybe even 5 years ago. It might be a hit with pre-teens or more likely people who have never seen what’s out there these days in terms of superheroes shows. The complexity left the chat if it was ever present.

Besides the Superman mentions this show seems to rely on not helping, Naomi is nothing on the level of Superman & Lois, that just makes the show look worse since both shows are not on the same level of quality on EVERY level.

Rating: 5.5 out of 10.
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