TV Review: House of the Dragon (Pilot) | The Beginning of the End

Ryan J. Condal (Creator)

Paddy Considine
Matt Smith
Emma D’Arcy
Olivia Cooke
Rhys Ifans
Steve Toussaint
Eve Best
Sonoya Mizuno
Fabien Frankel
Milly Alcock
Emily Carey
Graham McTavish


The show looks and feels familiar while also feeling brand new. This episode was a great setup, it’s intriguing enough for me to keep watching, I foresee a lot of skimming and betrayals in the near future, juicy stuff. But it was harder for me to lose myself in the show since the names haven’t gotten any easier to memorize – I’m rusty with these Game of Thrones names – and a few of them are reused so it can be confusing. Also, many of the faces were familiar to me. Many in the main cast, are actors that I know from other – iconic to me – roles they’ve had so I’ll need more episodes to see them in their new roles.

However, as exciting as the plotting and skimming are, with fathers pimping their daughter out, or chasing something else instead of cherishing what they have, I hands down loved the queen’s – Aemma? – arc. Her arc was subtle but had so much to say given how little screen time she has in this episode.

The pilot has gore, it’s sexy, there’s a lot of political intrigues, many easter eggs, and intriguing characters. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10.

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