A Purpose That Restores Us (The Magi Accounts #3) by Michele Notaro | Book Review

Dark witches here, bloody witches there, evil witches everywhere.

At home, my life is amazing, thanks to my boyfriend, Cosmo Ono-Nai, and his wonderful family that I’ve become a part of. I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life.

But work is a different story.

All anyone’s talking about is the Red Cloth this, the Red Cloth that. I can’t escape them, and all I really want is to find someplace the witches can’t reach, take my family—my pride—there, and hide them away from the world.

But I can’t. I’ll do everything in my power to protect them, and everyone else, from the building threat. There’s this dread building in my chest about what’s to come, and I have a feeling the Red Cloth is planning something big. I only wish I knew what so I could keep Cos, Jude, and the rest of our family safe.

A Purpose That Restores Us is a 119K novel and the third book in the MM urban fantasy series, The Magi Accounts. It’s recommended to read the series in order because it has an ongoing storyline, but there is NO cliffhanger.

*Intended for adults only. Please read the trigger warnings at the beginning of this novel.

How was it?

It’s getting increasingly hard to review this series without spoilers, so if you haven’t checked them out here’s the order The Scars That Bind Us, The Shackles That Hold Us for the main books, with A kiss to Revive Me – a novella between the previous two -, and A Date to Impress Him – that I am yet to read – right before this very entry.

I read this one fast maybe too fast because I was excited and the story itself is exciting. Similarly to the other books and novella, since I only got to one, there are sweet and tender moments in between the action that is quite intense too. The old threat that was uncovered in book one and further in two is taking more of an active role in the wild ride that this novel turns out to be. They are more of a threat now than before since they’re so close. I think I nailed that lol, if you know, you know.

As much as the pride is an integral part of the story, it sometimes feels like there’re too many of them. I like the found family aspect within the original pride, the Magi, and the mix of the two but it’s a lot of people and it’s growing. Sometimes when reading these books I can’t help but think that humans are trash so it’s a good thing that Harriet is here.

Not only the pace of these books are ramping up but the rate at which they come out seems to be moving fast as well. I want to see what’s implied at the end so I’ll keep an eye on the next one.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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