Break Me Daddies (Mafia Daddies 1) by Skyler Snow | Book Review

I did something stupid.

Something needlessly, hopelessly, stupid and now my past is catching up with me. I knew when I saw that cash I should have left it alone, but I needed it. And doesn’t the world owe me a little bit of luck? A little reprieve from the constant BS?

Sorry. I can’t help but to rant about my situation because the truth is that I am royally screwed. You see, I stole money from the mob. One stupid decision made in the heat of the moment and now I’m running for my life. A friend gave me enough money to hide…

But he’s coming for me.

Amadeo wants to possess everything that I am and punish me for what I’ve done. Maybe I could take that if he wasn’t so intent on making me call him ‘Daddy’. And maybe I wouldn’t care about that title, if it didn’t make me tingly all over. But I despise him and I always will. No matter what my stupid body…and heart…has to say.

How was it?

This audiobook was a complete discovery for me, new to me, author and narrator. Some serious daddy and BDSM vibes which are apparent from the title and cover alone. The story itself has a similar premise to K.L. HiersCold Hard Cash, money is owed or was stolen in this case, and a deal – for a lack of a better word – is struck.

Conan Kennedy does a great job in this, I immediately liked the voice he did for both Amadeo, Six, and the overall narration. His performance was nuanced and he played Amadeo’s possessiveness and obsession with Six just right. As much as the author walked the edge of nonconsensual/consensual, Kennedy does a good job playing the emotional side of the story.

Six and Amadeo’s dynamic progressively gets sweeter, Six is not the sub one might expect, he’s feistier, rebellious, and reluctant to be “controlled.” He is far from the damsel in distress but sometimes he does too much. As for Amadeo, he comes across as the stereotypical dominant dude at first but of course he has a heart of gold somewhere deep inside, even if his temper is quite something. The two characters work well, despite the circumstances that bring them together I never felt uncomfortable with the nature of the relationship, Snow balanced it all out, it’s dark enough.

As a first entry in a series, it’s also pretty good, the world-building is decent. I could fill in the blanks and the mafia themes are there but they don’t overtake the novel.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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