Superman & Lois (S3 Premiere) | Easing Us Back In

S3 Premiere Review: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this show since day one, there’s still a nice balance between the grounded and sci-fi aspects of the show. Every character still has time to shine, the visual effects remain solid, and the cast is killing it. The switch between Jordan Elsass and Michael Bishop – who we didn’t see too much of – was pretty smooth and Bishop is great in the role.

The story picks up 27 days after last season’s finale, Clark and Lois are working together again, Jordan is training and eager, and Lois is back on an old case of hers. They’ve set up quite a few things for this season that I am hyped to see through the end, I hope Lois will be alright, yet, my favorite part of the show are the little moments, the mundane drama. Like when Jordan could hear his father fight from miles away and to see how that affected him, or when Jonathan – who can’t fly like his father or twin brother – needs to get his driver’s license to get around. These are grounding moments in this show that adds a human touch to the story I really like. It makes you think about what it would actually be like to be part of Superman’s family, it’s not all fun and games.

I am excited for this season, and I hope that James Gunn will leave this show alone!

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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