TV Review: Resurrection (Premiere)

Based on the book Jason Mott’s “The Returned”, Resurrection is a fantasy drama television series about dead people who return to life. The series stars Omar Epps (House M.D.), Landon Gimenez, Matt Crave & Devin Kelley.

Premise: The show centers around the inhabitants of Arcadia, Missouri, whose lives are forever changed when their loved ones return from the dead. Immigration and Customs agents J. Martin Bellamy (Omar Epps) stumble upon this case when Jacob Langston (Landon Gimenez), an eight year old boy who drowned in 1982, is found alive in China.

Review: I watched the first season thinking that it was the American remake of the French television show Les Revenants. I later found that it was not but I honestly do not know what the differences are. Anyway, the first season was very interesting, there was a little bit of mystery but mostly drama. 

This season it’s full on mystery, because the first season finale and the second season premiere don’t really add up and we’re as lost as Agent Bellamy about what happened. The episode was a little bit unsettling, some of thing didn’t really make sense so the tension that built up in the finale last year just disappeared in the season premiere.

There is shred of tension once Michelles Fairley comes in but it slowly dies out and picks back up at the end of the episode but it wasn’t much of a surprise. I don’t really understand where the show is heading, I just hope that they did not just ran out of ideas.


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