Victoria and the Straveneys (Mon Amie Victoria) | Quirky but interesting film


Inspired by Doris Lessing’s novel Victoria and The Staveneys, the film stars French actors Guslagie Malanga, Nadia moussa, Catherine Mouchet, Pascal Greggory, Alexis Loret and Pierre Andrau. The film was brought to the silver screen by Screenwriter and Director Jean-Paul Civeyrac. 


Premise: Victoria, an 8 years old black girl from a low-income family, never forgot the night she spent in Thomas’ middle-class home in Paris. Years later, she cross paths with him, and from their summer fling Marie is Born. Victoria waited 7 years before telling Thomas and his family about Marie. Loving their new found granddaughter, Thomas’ family then ask to see the little girl regularly. Gradually, Victoria measures the consequences of their generosity.


Review: It’s a very atypical movie, it might not sound like it is in the premise but this film is unusual. Victoria is a peculiar character, very calm, doesn’t speak much, stares at people and things. A very introverted character. Victoria’s been through a lot and it shows. She’s not all alone in the world but you really feel for her, her pain, her struggles. She has a determination that is endearing and as you see her go through life, you feel for her.

The Staveneys are the stereotypical French middle-class family but it works. They feel very real and it’s sometime amazing how oblivious they are. They, as much as Victoria compartmentalize a lot. I don’t want to give too many spoilers you’ll have to watch the movie to understand.

The tone of the movie matches Victoria’s awkwardness, the people surrounding her only accentuate how different and out of place she feels. The film tackles cultural and social differences with grace but it is a little insensitive. I don’t know if insensitive is the right word but it’s bit of a feel good movie for white people.
I realize that I haven’t talked about the cast but there’s not much to say. Some scenes feel seriously amateurish but over all it’s a nice ensemble. The movie is quirky but worth the watch.

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