TV Review: The Whispers: an old recipe that still works?

The Whispers came to my attention as a friend recommended that I read Ray Bradbury’s “The Illustrated Man”. I had just started the book – I have yet to finish it – when I learned of the show’s connection it. With Milo Ventimiglia, Barry Sloane, & Lily Rabe as the leads, the premise, and who the original author of the story was, I gave the show a shot. 

The show is based on “Zero Hour” one of “The Illustrated Man” short stories about An unseen force is manipulating society’s most innocent-our children-to act in favor of its cause. As the kids unwittingly help this unknown enemy, the clock counts down in this suspenseful race to save humanity.

The show started innocently, everything seemed normal but then slowly the mystery creeps in and as it does you’re getting sucked into the story. The Whispers is definitely not the most original show this year but it is a good one. You sort of know where it goes but you also wanna see how it plays out because the characters are somewhat interesting and the storytelling is satisfying. The history between the Benningans and Lawrences made it a little more interesting because as a viewer you know that it will hinder the progress of the investigation, which is frustrating, but at the same time you know that it’s human nature.

The children are the great and I mean the characters as well as the actors. They’re innocent and creepy as hell at the same time and not once did they felt like stupid kids for listening to a voice in their head. The Whispers  is quite the entertaining show despite using an old formula that we’ve seen and revisited again and again. I was on a sort of a sugar high as I watched the last seven episodes in one go. 

What are your thoughts on it?


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