My year in books (2018)

Some of the books I read in 2018

Why am I looking back at my year in books now?

Because when I looked at my year in movies, I was shocked at the number of times I went to the movie theaters last year. It was much lower than previous years and much lower than what I thought. What changed? The number of books I read last year. I read 217 books last year, yup this number is for real, and I feel into a romance novel pit.

I had planned on supporting LGBT+ movies by trying to watch any of them that played in theaters but then I thought why not books. So with a help of a few friends and a serious hit on my wallet I discovered an array of original, fun, and…sexy stories. I have new favorite stories and book series but mostly I found new favorite authors. So on this Valentine’s day I want to thank them for entertaining me. 😘


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