TV Review: Clarice (Pilot review) | The Right Look and Tone But It Still Needs Work

Rebecca Breeds
Lucca De Oliveira
Michael Cudlitz
Kal Penn
Devyn A. Tyler

The Accent is the first thing that I noticed. Not to judge if it was good or not, but I didn’t remember if Jodie Foster‘s Clarice had one. To say that I went in “blind” is an understatement, all I knew about the show is that it was centered around Thomas Harris‘s “The Silence of the Lamb“, I loved Hannibal so this show made it to my list easy. So it is set in 1993 right after The Silence of the Lamb and deals with the consequences that investigation had on Agent Clarice Starling and Buffalo Bill’s surviving victim.

The show itself has the right look and tone, it’s a bit creepy, and morbid but not enough to put me off. This first case has the potential to stretch on multiple episodes, maybe the whole season, which is great because if it’s too serial killer of the week I don’t see why that would be interesting. The fact that there might be a larger conspiracy with a powerful ennemis might make it worth it.

However, they went a little too far and obvious with some things. The boys club aspect of the FBI at that time is a bit too in your face. Her boss is a also too extra with the a-hole behavior. It feels like nine out of ten men in the show are just against her, which happens but come on! I know it’s the 90s but there might have been some descent men around at that time too.

As for Clarice herself, she’s smart and makes sense. I like that the show is exploring the toll this kind of work can have on someone, I just hope she won’t be the only one feeling those effects. The actrice portraying her, Rebecca Breeds, is also excellent so far, she reminds me of Elliot Page and Jodie Foster, and has already made the role her own building on what came before.

Clarice can be a very interesting show, I’ll definitely give it the customary three episodes trial, I just hope it won’t fall into the usual trap of other mind-numbing procedurals.

Rating: 6 out of 10.

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