Without Remorse | Like Dressing Sharp with Cheap Clothes

This latest adaptation of a Tom Clancy novel is co-written by Wind River and the upcoming Those Who Wish Me Dead director Taylor Sheridan and Will Staples (The Right Stuff, Shooter). They adapted Clancy’s “Without Remorse” for Sicario: Day of the Soldado‘s director, Stefano Sollima. The prooject stars Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther), Jamie Bell (Jumper), Jodie Turner-Smith (The Last Ship), and Guy Pearce (Bloodshot) among other in this action adventure movie.

Premise: Senior Chief John Clark, a Navy SEAL, led his team in a war-torn region to rescues a CIA operative taken hostage. by Russian military forces. Three months later, in apparent retaliation for his role in the mission, the team is killed one by one. Clark’s pregnant wife Pam is murdered in the assault into their house. Despite being shot multiple times himself, Clark manages to kill all but one of the attackers before being rushed to the hospital. On a path to avenge his wife’s murder Clark finds himself inside of a larger conspiracy.

Review: The cast is one of the first things that caught my attention because it features a lot of actors that I’m familiar with and have enjoyed in other projects. So I kind of hyped up this movie in my mind because this cast in an action movie sounds awesome.

The first surprise for me was the run time but I brushed it off, a well-paced, tight, action-packed movie is better than a two hour plus slog. However that first action scene got an eyebrow raised. The action was fine but the location look cheap as hell. The actors were convincing enough in the sequence that it sort of looked like real soldiers on a training exercice instead of the rescue mission they were on. Some of the walls looked like plywood or foam, at points I very much felt like if the camera panned up too much I might see the dimmed lights hanging from the rafters. From then on I had a clear sense of which locations were totally fake and which were not. I’m aware that a lot of movies and TV Shows are shot on sound stages but most do a better job at hiding it, giving us the illusion. That said a sharp dressed man in cheap clothes still looks great.

The plot might be cliché, highly predictable, with cheap looking sets at times and yet it doesn’t mean that this movie isn’t a total blast. I enjoyed myself watching this, the action sequences are great without being too over the top, because the acting did some of the heavy lifting. We often hear about actors in superheroes movies in weird surroundings and or costumes selling it despite the dopey, silly situation they are in. The same goes here, put some solid actors in a run of the mill shoot-em-up movie and you get layers of depth and beautiful character moments that gives you the feels.

Without Remorse is a spy action adventure that you’ve seen countless times but features solid performances and good action sequences. It’s available on Amazon Prime Video April, 30th.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

If you’re interested in the source material, help us by getting them from the links below:


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