Tide of Tricks (Shadows of London 2) by Ariana Nash | Book Review

A darkness runs deep beneath London…

Reeling from recent revelations and forced to lie for Kempthorne, the unthinkable happens: Dom fails the latent competency test. One more strike and he’ll be deemed unstable, have his registration stripped, and the life he’s come to love at Kempthorne & Co will be over.

If that weren’t bad enough, someone is stalking him, taunting him. Someone who knows what Dom did all those years ago.

While Dom juggles Kempthorne’s lies and his own shady past, latents are being murdered. The police won’t help, so it’s up to Dom, Kempthorne & new-recruit Kage (Hollywood) to find the killer, before they strike too close to home.

Dom soon finds himself at the heart of it all with his control slipping, his trick breaking free, and the shadows rising.

He’s coming undone. And for unstable latents, there’s only one way out…

How was it?

After secrets and half-truths were revealed, Dom and the Agency are now investigating a series of murdered latents, all killed with the same M.O. Still struggling with these revelations, it looks like Dom might be more connected to this investigation than he first thought.

In Twisted Pretty Things, Kempthrone played with my nerves, and I pitied Dom. Here Dom got so annoying that if this novel was longer I probably would have dropped it. That man is too old and has had enough life experiences to do some of the simple b!tch sh!t that he does. I was baffled. I tried to root for the guy but I rolled my eyes more than I would have liked.

It might sound weird but my problem is with the main character, not the story. Actually, both MCs are not exactly my favorites but Dom took the edge here. However, the story remains interesting and intriguing, showing that removing a bad apple doesn’t mean the rest of the bag is good to go.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Tide of Tricks is available on The Book Depository and other book retailers near you.

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