Will Trent (Pilot review) | Another Quirky Investigator but It Looks Juicy

Liz Heldens and Daniel T. Thomsen (Creators)

Ramon Rodriguez
Erika Christensen
Jake McLaughlin
Sonja Sohn
Iantha Richardson

Review: I randomly found this show, and if it wasn’t for my penchant for quirky detectives and crime dramas, I probably never would have seen this. This pilot is good. The cast is solid but they got great actors to guest star, there’re a lot of misdirects in the first case, a juicy backstory for Will Trent, and an interesting work situation for him (he recently took down a bunch of corrupt cops, and has to work in the same building with the rest of the cop). Trent reminds me of Monk, and I’ve only seen a few episodes of that show, but it also has some Mentalist vibes maybe because of the whole Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Anyway, it looks like the show will make my roster and I might even check out at least the first book of the Will Trent books by Karin Slaughter.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10.

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