Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches (Pilot review) | Written with Book Readers in Mind

Esta Spalding and Michelle Ashford (Creators)

Alexandra Daddario
Harry Hamlin
Tongayi Chirisa
Jack Huston

Review: I read Anne Rice‘s The Witching Hour a few months before this episode premiered gave me enough distance to be more open to this adaptation. I knew there would be some changes since there’s so much story, but starting the show with Deirdre’s new doctor really brought me back to the book’s first chapters of the book so it was a nice touch.

I loved the idea of Alexandra Daddario as Rowan as soon as I heard it but seeing her in the role really brought it home. She is a good Rowan, she looks smart, mysterious, and has magnetic charm without trying. However, I have the feeling that Rowan isn’t written as confident as she should be. It still works but I liked the idea that book Rowan tried hard to stay under the radar, trying not to arouse jealousy or envy from male AND female coworkers, because she knew things that she couldn’t really explain. Maybe my book recollection is not spot on but she doesn’t seem as confident or two moves ahead here. Even in her interactions with Dr. Keck, whose ego was definitely at play, an argument could be made that he had a point it could have been a lucky guess from his point of view and I feel like Rowan would have anticipated that better. They never showed us why she was right. I guess she will become more self-assured as the season goes on.

There are flashbacks in the show and I was afraid that there wouldn’t be. So far they’ve been about Deirdre and they’re good but I just want to see more. Ciprien makes so much sense to me, in particular when it comes to adapting this story, so I’m curious to see how his story will unfold knowing that he’s an amalgamation of two characters in the book.

It also looks like they’re doing something with Daddario’s eye color but not every actress looks good with those contacts. So the pilot is intriguing but I feel like it was written with book readers in mind. I’m not sure how enticing it would be for someone who has no idea about the books.

By the way, I loved that Dune reference “The Slow Blade penetrates the shield.”

Rating: 7 out of 10.

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