Wolf Pack (Pilot) | Creepy and Anxiety Inducing

Jeff Davis (Creator) & Edo Van Belkom (Novel)

Chloe Rose Robertson
Bella Shepard
Armani Jackson
Tyler Lawrence Gray
Rodrigo Santoro

Sarah Michelle Gellar


As interesting as the teaser and trailer might have been, I had a feeling that this pilot would be on a the cheap side and look like it. I was wrong. It’s not very sleek but it looks good. Since I expected worse, the CGI was a pleasant surprise, it’s not polished but done well and more importantly used well. There’s a better use of shadows here than in most movies nowadays.

This first episode sets up the atmosphere of the show more than anything else and it’s easy to get into. The cast does a decent job with each of their characters even when they’re more like archetypes than real people. Storywise, it’s pretty vague and all over the place but it tries to look like a mystery. It’s not. The pilot still has some pitch aspect to it, as if it wasn’t developed further or deepened beyond that, but I see potential and still think that the story could find its legs. I haven’t taken the time to get to the books, yet I’m optimistic that this bloody at times tween-looking show could still become something teenagers and adults might enjoy together.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10.

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