Wolf Pack (Season review) | Atmosphere and Shirtless Dudes

Jeff Davis, who was behind the 2011 TV series Teen Wolf, – and to my surprise – Criminal Minds, is back with this supernatural teen drama based on a 2004 book by Edo Van Belkom. My mind is still blown that the same dude worked on the two shows I just mentioned, I guess he has range, or more likely a specific strength. Wolf Pack stars Sarah Michelle Gellar (The Crazy Ones, Buffy, Cruel Intentions) and Rodrigo Santoro (Westworld, Ben-Hur, The 33, 300) with a bunch of newish Armani Jackson, Bella Shepard, Chloe Rose Robertson, and Tyler Lawrence Gray.

Premise: Two teenagers are caught in a wildfire and are wounded by a supernatural creature. In the aftermath, they discover they’re werewolves, and develop an intense bond together. The two team up, and encounter two other teenagers, the adoptive children of a park ranger, who went through a similar strange wildfire sixteen years ago.

Review: The pilot for this show was solid, it could quickly put you in some type of mood, whether it be with the imagery, the music, or the amount of skin the male actors are showing the show managed to play with your emotions and expectations quite well. So it felt atmospheric at times and much of the rest of the episodes have that, the night settings, the creepy music and silences, the sexy moments but it all lacks substance. It’s as if the broad stroke for the show and the characters were laid out but they forgot to fill it all in.

As astute viewers, not everything needs to be spoonfed but it’s a whole lot of vagueness for an eight-hour season. Maybe they got lost in the mystery aspect of it all, wanting the characters to figure it all out, so they opted out of most of the world-building like what werewolf lore applied to them? Part of that is still vague. There are a lot of unanswered questions, characters who just disappear, some characters’ motivations that didn’t make much sense, or poorly designed plans. The story is still a bit all over the place.

So in the end the show is just vibes and muscles because you might get a bit of a fright and or a tingle at what you see on screen. You might even get easily distracted by that but the show is kind of bland. It’s entertaining enough if you like procrastinating, but impactful or memorable? not really.

Wolf Pack feels like an idea of a show not fully realized or a dated idea of what a supernatural teen drama is.

Rating: 6 out of 10.

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