The Mortal Instruments The TV Series

The book series turned unsuccessful movie franchise will try its luck on a smaller screen. Constantin Film announced that the best-selling Young Adult Fantasy Franchise will be launch, re-launch as a young adult drama TV Show.

Is it a good idea? I think that it’s a great idea. I’m not a crazy fan of the book series – I stopped reading the second book half way through years ago –  but TV show would allow to explore and develop some the interesting story-lines there are in the series (I’m only talking about the book and the half I read).

It’s also a smart move, when you look at successful shows like Supernatural, Sleepy Hollow, and the upcoming Constantine a Mortal Instruments  TV series might thrive. Since the shows I just mentioned are sort of in the same realm, the fan base from these shows might even like a show based on these books.

What about the cast? There are no information about it yet but I doubt that any of them would want to be in the TV series. I honestly hope they don’t reprise their roles because, if they do the stigma of the movie (City of Bones) stays and that would also mean that they’ll have to follow on the movie’s storyline, otherwise it wouldn’t make sense. A fresh cast might be the producers’ only way not to shoot themselves in the foot. 

And the Showrunner? Not so long ago showrunners did not mean much to me but after True Blood I came to realize how important of a job it is. Rumour has it , it’s not really a rumour more of a statement, that Ed Decter is working on moving TMI into television. Decter worked on shows like Helix and Unforgetable, which are pretty impressive credits but I don’t really feel it. I’m putting a pin on it and I’ll wait until more information about the production filters.

What’s your take on a Mortal Instruments TV series? Speak your mind in the comments bellow. 


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